A Team Full of Character(s)


ApartmentJet is a seed stage startup with a fun and lively team.  We’re headquartered in Chicago, but we have team members across the United States. Here we are in alphabetical order by first name.

Operations, Marketing, and Finance

Andy Hamilton

Co-Founder, COO

Client relations, Onboarding, and Guest Communication

Carly Keller

Client Operations

Investor Relations, Business Development, and Partnerships

Eric Broughton

Co-Founder, CEO

Full-stack Javascript, MySQL

Jordan Hui


Product, Engineering, and Innovation

Kevin Koperski

Co-Founder, CTO

Client relations, Onboarding, and Guest Communication

Nickolas Smith

Client Operations

Focused on product stability, E2E testing

Nicole Kringer

Quality Assurance

Market Development Specialist

Nikki Knoepfle

Market Development

Senior Full-Stack Javascript, MySQL, CI/CD

Patrick Koeller


Database and API development

Renuka Yaramsetty


Senior Full-Stack Javascript, MySQL, Integrations

Rick Chou



Alphabetical by first name.

Andy Hamilton

Co-Founder, ApartmentJet

Catherine Mott

Founder/ CEO, BlueTree Capital Group, and Founder/Managing Partner, BlueTree Venture Fund

Eric Broughton

Co-Founder, ApartmentJet

Jeffrey Maters

Managing Director, Network Ventures

Kevin Koperski

Co-Founder, ApartmentJet


Our goal is to bring together successful advisors with knowledge of  the multifamily and hospitality industries, people who are often early adopters curious about new technologies, platforms, and business models. We greatly value their insights. Here they are listed alphabetically by first name.

Amar Duggasani

Chief Strategy Officer, The Rainmaker Group

Girish Gehani

COO, Partner, Trilogy Real Estate Group

Sarah Greenough

CMO, EVP, Princeton Properties

Todd Gagne

SVP Expense, Data, Invoice, Concur Technologies