An ApartmentJet Case Study


Prior to launch, multiple properties piloted ApartmentJet. We wanted to get a better sense for workflows, pricing, and traffic. We also wanted to determine if short term guests would find multifamily communities attractive.

One of our pilot customers was a Chicago-based real estate company testing properties in Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY.  We’ve published a case study highlighting the results.

The main takeaway:

The Chicago-based company is only six weeks into the pilot but the early results support the theory that short-term stays can be used to generate revenue for vacant units. The two pilot properties each listed a single guest suite, and in just six weeks ApartmentJet has booked 49 nights with total booked revenue of $4200. All guests have been screened and insurance policies executed.

The COO responded to the early results, “We’re certainly happy, and to be honest, a little bit surprised by the results. Due to the positive results, we’re discussing plans for setting up guest suites at all our communities to take advantage of short-term stays.”

Read the full study here.


ApartmentJet is a web-based platform to help multifamily property owners and management companies take advantage of the growing market for short-term rentals.

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